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Wentworth Athletics Hall of Fame

Wentworth Athletics Hall of Fame

What is it?

The first class of the Wentworth Institute of Technology Athletic Hall of Fame was inducted in 2001. The Hall honors individuals whose contributions have made an impact on the Wentworth Athletic Program, either as a student-athlete, coach, or contributor.

The Wentworth Hall of Fame was conceived and founded on the basis that many individuals have bestowed honor and recognition upon both themselves and Wentworth as a result of their participation in Wentworth athletics. The purpose of the Wentworth Athletic Hall of Fame is to appropriately recognize these people and their accomplishments.

Election to the Wentworth Hall of Fame shall be based primarily on the athletic accomplishments of the individual. Participants in recognized intercollegiate athletic programs and recognized club sport programs are eligible. Selection shall be made on the basis of athletic ability, integrity, sportsmanship, and character with special emphasis on the athlete’s contribution to Wentworth and to the team or teams on which he or she participated. Persons who have provided distinguished service to Wentworth athletics and/or outstanding contributions to the Wentworth Athletic Program may also be selected.

Who is Eligible?

There are four classifications of inductees -- athlete, coach/administrator, contributor, and team. Nominations will be solicited through peer nominations. The criteria for each classification is as follows:


  1. In order to be considered for nomination as an athlete, an individual must be at least five (5) years removed from the class of which the person was a member of has graduated from Wentworth.

  2. Athletic Department personnel shall become eligible for election to the Wentworth Hall of Fame based upon their outstanding contributions to Wentworth Athletics.

  3. In addition, people outside of the Athletic Department, as well as those not officially connected with Wentworth, are eligible for election to the Wentworth Hall of Fame as special cases, with each situation considered by the committee on an individual basis.

  4. Athletic team membership eligibility in the Wentworth Hall of Fame shall begin not less than five (5) years after its last intercollegiate contest.


The Wentworth Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction Ceremony was held in conjunction with Homecoming/Family Weekend from 2001-2008, which is in October. The 2009 ceremony took place as a part of Reunion Weekend in June. The 2014 ceremony, which is combined with the annual Wentworth Alumni Association Awards Dinner, will be held on Saturday, October 18.


Members of Wentworth's Athletics Hall of Fame

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